About Us

In the North East India, there is a wide disparity in both the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. It has been seen that the incidence of cancer in India is highest in the North Eastern region of the country. All these puts to the forefront the seemingly important and undeniable role of cancer research in the country and North East India in particular.

Cancer Research Foundation, India (CRF India) is not for profit nongovernmental organization formed on the 6th June 2015. CRF India is a professionally managed forum. It is constituted by prominent personalities in public life and in cancer research, oncologists, researchers and members from the corporate world.

The objectives of CRF India are:
  • Research
    1. Support research activities for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer

    2. Provide funds to researchers

    3. Create partnership with similar organizations for sharing common platform

  • Education
    1. Capacity development of researchers in the field of oncology

    2. Training of new generation of researchers by technology transfer methods

    3. Long term training to established professionals for advancement of skill in cancer prevention & control

  • Advocacy
    1. Community Outreach programme for creation of awareness for prevention of cancer

    2. Disseminate the recent progress in the development of cancer research at community level

  • Mission
    1. The mission of Cancer Research Foundation, India is to encourage cancer researchers for achieving the goal of cancer prevention and cure, and promote researches on cancer.

  • Vision
    1. To create a society without the fear of “Cancer”

  • Purpose
    1. Cancer Research Foundation, India will strive and put every effort needed to raise the bar on cancer research in the country